She covered shareholder activism as a reporter at Reorg and Activist Insight and her work has been published in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and The Jerusalem Post. Email us the type of bloggers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at We’ll share blogger’s data in an Excel or CSV format. Get Started Investing’s 12-part series to equip you to start your investing journey. Best Beginner Investing podcast list curated from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. Investing in overseas markets is often a sound idea, and the combination of lower share prices and weaker currencies could make those markets particularly good value now.

What are 5 tips to beginner investors?

  • Buy the right investment. Buying the right stock is so much easier said than done.
  • Avoid individual stocks if you're a beginner.
  • Create a diversified portfolio.
  • Be prepared for a downturn.
  • Try a stock market simulator before investing real money.
  • Stay committed to your long-term portfolio.
  • Start now.
  • Avoid short-term trading.

The Stacking Benjamins Show is a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, and people with inspiring stories. As a money manager and CNBC anchor, Jim Cramer guides listeners through the opportunities and pitfalls of Wall Street investigating with the goal of helping them make money. Mad Money, taken from Cramer’s CNBC weeknight program, features Cramer’s fiery opinions as well as the popular Lightning Round, in which he gives his buy, sell, and hold opinions on stocks to callers. The podcast industry has exploded with growth over the past several years, and that growth has extended to investing podcasts as well.

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The topics go beyond the usual discussions about investing and cover more complex ground, such as cryptocurrency investments, private equity, and high yield credit investing. Every week, he sits down with professionals to give viewpoints on money, investing and business. Furthermore, the podcasts go beyond conventional advice on personal finance and investing to help set you up for financial success. They offer “honest and uncensored” financial advice to people who are sick of advice from the out-of-touch one percent.

best podcasts for beginner investors

This personal finance podcast is for women, including female entrepreneurs, to learn personal finance, money mindset and practical money management tips to be financially confident and build wealth. Investing is an important part of personal finance, but it’s often overlooked. To learn more consider exploring a stock market course, or reading an investment book. Members of Crux Investor also have access to a large library of educational content. Just outside the top 10 is The Med Faber Show, where the focus is on helping listeners grow and preserve their wealth.

BuzzFeed GoodfulSelf care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. We Study Billionaires, hosted byPreston PyshandStig Brodersen, is the flagship podcast ofThe Investor’s Podcast Network, with more than 30 Million downloads. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Investing Compass runs through the fundamentals of investing, taking a deep dive into concepts and offering practical explanations, tools and resources that will allow you to invest confidently. Short, thoughtful and regular takes on recent events in the markets from a variety of perspectives and voices within Morgan Stanley. A podcast that discusses current economic events and trends in a light-hearted manner.

Best for the DIY Investor: Money for the Rest of Us

Listen to logical analysis and insight on market trends and corporate issues in Singapore, in this podcast series based on Ben Paul’s weekly column in The Business Times. This podcast interviews traders and market participants at varying levels of success – from billionaires to whistle-blowers to retail grinders. These conversations revolve around individual backstories, experiences, observations, strategies, lessons, struggles and victories. The Aussie Firebug Podcast is a financial independence podcast for Australians that interviews people who have already reached or are on their way to financial independence. Exploring the ideas, methods and stories of people that will help you better invest your time and money.

What is the best month to sell stock?

As a result, some traders believe that September and October are the best months to sell stocks. The September effect highlights historically weak returns during the ninth month of the year, which could be aided by institutional investors wrapping up their third-quarter positions.

From fix-and-flip houses to commercial properties, real estate can be a very lucrative investment—if you know what you’re getting into. InThe Naked Truth About Real Estate Investing, host Javier Hinojo and his guests discuss all sides of this currently hot but still risky market, including the most common, embarrassing mistakes investors make. If you’re a couple looking to figure out your finances together,The His and Her Money Show will speak directly to you. This podcast covers topics from debt elimination, money-saving strategies, budgeting techniques, credit repair, and real estate investments to finding work-life balance and building powerful family structures. If you’re looking for your new favourite investing podcast, look no further.

Best Beginner Investing Podcasts

The Captain FI podcast is all about the journey towards financial independence, interviewing a mixture of finance and investing experts as well as people who have achieved FIRE. A podcast by BBC Radio covering news and views on business and the world of personal finance. A podcast series hosted by Livewire that interviews investing experts on current events and tips relevant to Australian investors. Crux Investor is an investment education and stock recommendation service that provides market-beating stock recommendations. Each month, Crux members gain access to a simple one-page memo, outlining a single top recommended stock from an experienced Crux Investor analyst.

best podcasts for beginner investors

FIRE podcast Journey to Launch focuses on the journey to financial independence. Controlling your financial future is a fantastic goal, so we want to show you three of the best reasons why you should consider investing. Brought to you by ARK Invest, FYI is a high-brow, intellectual us nonfarm payrolls take on future-defining technologies and the disrupting innovators that are pioneering them. The ARK research team was made famous in 2020 for some truly outstanding performance and this podcast is another way of getting an insight into the company and its processes.

There’s nothing better than leaning back and enjoying yourself while still learning something. With The Trillionaire Mindset investing podcast, you’ll be challenged with commentary about the latest trends while still having a blast. In addition to thought leadership and general investing know-how, you’ll also get some general life lessons.

The Secret to Adventure and Finance – Reward-to-Risk

Her episode “That time we joked about $18 cocktails with Amanda Holden” makes for an especially entertaining listen, nice when you need a break from the nitty-gritty. Holden, aka Dumpster Doggy (@dumpster.doggy), broke free from the world of finance bros and scraped by until she got on her feet. Now she’s helping other women take control of their financial futures. She’s a fresh, funny, irreverent voice, and I hope she’ll someday host a pod of her own.

What day is the best day to buy stocks?

And according to it, the best days for trading are Mondays. This is also known as “The Monday Effect” or “The Weekend Effect”. The Monday Effect – a theory suggesting that the returns of stocks and market movements on Monday are similar to those from the previous Friday.

He meets weekly with investors, founders and CEOs to learn all things business building and investing. During the show, he discusses life and money-related issues to help investors get out of debt and build for the future. This is a podcast about finding undervalued stocks, deep value investing, hedge funds, shareholder activism, buyouts, and special situations. The series uncovers the tactics and strategies for finding good investments, managing risk, dealing with bad luck and maximising success. At The Meb Faber Show, the focus is on helping you grow and preserve your wealth.

MyWallSt is a publisher and a technology platform, not a registered broker-dealer or registered investment adviser, and does not provide investment advice. All information provided by MyWallSt Limited is of a general nature for information and education purposes, and you should not construe any such information as investment advice. MyWallSt Limited does not take your specific needs, investment objectives or financial situation into consideration, and any investments mentioned may not be suitable for you. If you are unsure of any investment decision you should seek a professional financial advisor.

Morningstar rounds up the latest portfolio picks, personal finance advice, and interviews. Betterment is an app that takes the guesswork out of investing by recommending portfolios that suit your needs and values. It actually has a resource library that spans a variety of financial topics. This course may be short and sweet, but it could potentially arm you with the concepts you need to get your wealth ~growing~. You’ll learn about the power of compound interest, different types of investments you can make and how they’re related to risk and reward, alternative investments, and ways to create balance within your investments. You don’t have to worry about a beloved episode or video being taken down, or a class being discontinued.

Listeners will hear from successful investors and business experts, and get their take on “hot” investment topics like cryptocurrency, real estate, the oil and gas industries, and more. Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts provide listeners with some insight on the stock market implications of the week’s top business and financial news. In addition, Hill discusses the stocks on his radar and interviews industry experts and best-selling authors.

If you’re not afraid to dip your toes into some advanced topics, give this podcast by Patrick O’Shaughnessy a try. It is jam packed with interviews and ideas from super intelligent people all across the financial industry. Patrick takes a humble and curious approach to learning, which is an essential mentality for your investment journey. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the old “short stack” episodes, in which they interview an expert about a topic. I’d recommend listening through the archives of these for valuable investing and financial insights. Disclaimer All information on this website is for education and entertainment purposes only.

It also doesn’t make any guarantees about investing in certain stocks, bonds, etc. The Invest Like the Best Podcast isn’t so much a conversational show as a tutorial in investing, led by instructors who have achieved real-world success in the market. Saul-Sehy and OG are regularly joined by recognized finance experts eager to share what they know about investing and money. It’s a fun, friendly, and candidly conversational podcast that’s great for the investor who’s just beginning to build their portfolio.